Thai Massage

What is Thai massage?
It is one of the traditional medicine that has been inherited in Thailand for a long time and is a relaxing massage with slow rhythm. By stimulating energy lines called “Sen” that flows through the body with hands, elbows, knees and soles, the effect of activating the body and enhancing natural healing energy can be obtained.

What is the effect of Thai massage?
The effect of Thai massage is not only But helps alleviate stiffness and fatigue in treatment The Thai Ministry of Public Health has 60 effects, such as high blood pressure, sensitivity to cold, constipation, irregular menstruation and asthma. In addition, since it is conducted at a slow pace that corresponds to the mind, it is good for mental stability and also serves to relieve stress. For this reason, in the past few years, this Thai massage has been used in university hospitals as an alternative treatment.

It’s a misconception that a Thai massage seems to hurt!
Traditional Thai massage extends muscles and joints that you don’t normally use. It also takes place in a very slow rhythm that matches your heartbeat. There are few treatments that give unreasonable stimulation. It’s a stretch that seems painful, but it’s like a gymnastics exercise, which is done slowly and slowly. If the body is stiff and stretching is painful, it is done with moderate adjustment. Above all, it is desirable for the body to be stretchable.

Helps relieve stress
It is said that modern people are exposed to a lot of stress every day, influence the development of lifestyle-related diseases, and weaken immunity. It is said that eye strain, halitosis, stomatitis, bronchial asthma, chronic hepatitis, stiff neck, back pain, neurodermatitis, chronic urticaria, tinnitus, dizziness, migraine, and menopause are also often caused by stress. I will. Do you have any idea? Thai traditional massage cannot improve these things directly, but a relaxing and relaxing massage by a Thai woman in a country of smiling is a way to calm down and relieve stress. Will also be

Thai massage costs

  • 150 minutes 10,000yen
  • 120 minutes 8,000yen
  • 90 minutes 6,000yen
  • 60 minutes 4,500yen
  • 30 minutes 2,900yen


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