Thai Oil Massage

Oil massage supplies oxygen to skin cells, promotes skin respiration, and promotes normal metabolism by carefully massaged oil components. You can moisturize and moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and vibrant, so we recommend it for people who are concerned about keratin and dry skin.

Thai Oil is Thai massage, but the best and the only difference is that oil is used to help in combining with Thai massage. Thai Oil will help to relieve the pain from acupressure or massage to relieve symptoms or relax the tendons along the muscles. Relieve the pain of customers as well. Because normal Thai massage, if the client has symptoms such as shoulder pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain, Thai massage or acupressure only signals will make the customer unable to bear the ability to continue the massage. Thai massage uses rolling, rolling, and acupressure signals at the same time to help reduce tension. The pain of the muscles can be improved.

Thai Oil massage costs

  • 150 minutes 13,000yen
  • 120 minutes 10,000yen
  • 90 minutes 8,000yen
  • 60 minutes 6,000yen

*A shower room is available in the Thai oil massage course.


Ikebukuro Thai Massage Rakangthong 2-22-5 Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo.Tozen second building 3F