Head Massage

What is an Indian head massage?
It is one of the traditional medicine that has been inherited in Thailand for a long time and is a relaxing massage with slow rhythm. By stimulating energy lines called “Sen” that flows through the body with hands, elbows, knees and soles, the effect of activating the body and enhancing natural healing energy can be obtained.

Indian head massage It’s an ancient culture Which is popular among Indian women who want to relax the body. As well as nourishing the hair to be healthy, shiny and fragrant

Indian head massage focuses on head, neck, shoulders, shoulder, shoulder and forehead massage using the fingertips. Massage the muscles at various points To relax
The key to making Indian head massage different from other branches of massage Will use virgin coconut oil Warm to the right temperature Pour into the scalp while massaging.

The warmth from coconut oil will help the muscles relax. Makes you feel more relaxed And the properties of coconut oil also help nourish the hair and scalp to be healthy, moisturized, shiny black as well.

Head massage costs

  • 30 minutes 2,900yen
  • 10 minutes 1,000yen

*The option menu can be added to both Thai traditional massage and oil massage courses.


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