Thai Foot Massage

What is foot massage?

Foot massage Important that cannot be overlooked And why must foot massage Massage for what? How often to massage and how to massage is a question that anyone. Would like to know the answer, right? Because the trend of foot care is very popular and is very popular from our home to foreign countries.

Anyone who used to believe that “feet” are just organs that help in walking. Take us to travel everywhere Is the first organ that must touch dirt on the floor While also being able to emit unwanted odors

Why foot massage

Since we already know that Feet are very important to us. The soles of the feet are also the focus of many nerve endings throughout the body, so it’s important to take care of your feet and don’t neglect them, especially foot massage.

Foot massage is a stimulation of nerve endings throughout the body. Is to maintain the balance of the body Helps our systems and organs in the body to function normally. Which we can massage the feet for health promotion Can prevent and cure the disease because every time we massage the foot will stimulate the function of the nervous system which is the whole point of the nerve endings from various organs That is included in the sole of the foot

In addition, foot massage helps to balance the body. Helping various systems And helps internal organs work more efficiently as well Foot care in various forms, such as a foot spa, will help. Body relaxes tension We feel comfortable, good mood, reduce stress and anxiety as well as foot massage.

Thai Foot massage costs

  • 30 minutes 2,900yen
  • 10 minutes 1,000yen

*The option menu can be added to both Thai traditional massage and oil massage courses.


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